On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 08:02:23PM +0200, Petr Vobornik wrote:
> On 06/18/2015 02:05 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
> >
> >I'm going to tag alpha_1-4-3-0 today at 15:00 CET.
> >
> >I'm not aware of any alpha blockers on FreeIPA side. Please contact me
> >if there are patches which should make the release.
> >
> >This release will be available in mkosek/freeipa-4-2 COPR repository.
> >When ready, the new dogtag should go into the COPR as well.
> >
> >What are the know issues which should be mentioned in release notes?
> >
> >http://www.freeipa.org/page/Releases/4.2.0.alpha1#Known_Issues
> There was a slight delay but all patches for the alpha were pushed. FreeIPA
> was tagged. COPR build is ready [1].
> Given that the last tag in master branch was release-4-0-0, the detailed
> change log contains quite a lot of commits[2]
> Is there a convenient command to do a commit diff between master and ipa-4-1
> to list just the commits which are not in ipa-4-1? Ideally it should also
> take different versions of the same thing into account.

No, I had a dumb Python script that acted on commit messages (sic!) to
filter out the already-released commits.

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