Petr Viktorin wrote:
> Hello,
> Patches 0753-0757 fix remaining warnings from `pylint --py3k`, except
> "no-absolute-import" (which seems redundant to me) and the ones in
> contrib/RHEL4.
> As for contrib/RHEL4, I found a mail [0] from 2013 saying it hasn't been
> used for a long time and probably doesn't work. Since then it's for
> example been changed to use ipapython.dn, which I'd bet no one checks
> for Python 2.5 compatibility. Since this seems to be untested and
> non-working code, so I'm sending a patch to remove it. But if that's not
> wanted tell me, and I'll skip pylint --py3k checks there instead.
> The last patch adds py3k lint check  to make-lint. It's a bit
> cumbersome, since pylint doesn't allow running regular checkers and the
> py3k ones at the same time, but it allows you to run the check. As for
> whether to enable --py3k by default, or run it on every package build,
> I'd like to defer the decision to core devs. (Is CI good enough nowadays
> to only run it there?)
> [0]

My only nit would be to remove contrib/RHEL4 as being deprecated rather
than lack of testing against some old version. It just configures ldap
and Kerberos via authconfig so unless the discovery failed it would
likely still work fairly well, but clearly it isn't being maintained so
I'd remove it for that reason for historical purposes.


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