Petr Viktorin wrote:
> On 01/06/2016 03:47 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>> Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Patches 0753-0757 fix remaining warnings from `pylint --py3k`, except
>>> "no-absolute-import" (which seems redundant to me) and the ones in
>>> contrib/RHEL4.
>>> As for contrib/RHEL4, I found a mail [0] from 2013 saying it hasn't been
>>> used for a long time and probably doesn't work. Since then it's for
>>> example been changed to use ipapython.dn, which I'd bet no one checks
>>> for Python 2.5 compatibility. Since this seems to be untested and
>>> non-working code, so I'm sending a patch to remove it. But if that's not
>>> wanted tell me, and I'll skip pylint --py3k checks there instead.
>>> The last patch adds py3k lint check  to make-lint. It's a bit
>>> cumbersome, since pylint doesn't allow running regular checkers and the
>>> py3k ones at the same time, but it allows you to run the check. As for
>>> whether to enable --py3k by default, or run it on every package build,
>>> I'd like to defer the decision to core devs. (Is CI good enough nowadays
>>> to only run it there?)
>>> [0]
>> My only nit would be to remove contrib/RHEL4 as being deprecated rather
>> than lack of testing against some old version. It just configures ldap
>> and Kerberos via authconfig so unless the discovery failed it would
>> likely still work fairly well, but clearly it isn't being maintained so
>> I'd remove it for that reason for historical purposes.
> It uses ipapython (ipapython.dn and the log manager, specifically),
> which don't maintain compatibility with old Python versions. I don't
> have old Python versions around to check empirically, but a quick look
> at ipapython.dn says it won't import on anything lower than 2.6 nowadays.

Sure, kill it. Please just change the commit message.


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