As you may or may not know, Tomas Babej left the FreeIPA team as a Red Hat
employee, which of course does not mean he cannot contribute to the FreeIPA
project, but that he won't have as much time for contributions as previously.

One of Tomas' responsibilities was taking care of FreeIPA translations
(Translation Maintainer role). As far as I know, there 2 main tasks associated
with the Translation Maintainer role:

1) Periodically uploading new upstream strings to the FreeIPA translation
platform of choice, which is the Fedora Zanata instance:
The upload should happen periodically, on the right occasions, so that the
translators (especially the French and Ukrainian translations which have 100%
translated) have sufficient time to translate strings for the next version and
do not have to translate it all in couple days before release. (This was one of
the feedback I heard recently).

2) Downloading translated strings, Tomas added a short HowTo to our Release 

We will need a new volunteer who would help doing 1) and 2) for the planned
releases and making sure this process runs. The first task would be uploading
current strings in master as the next release is FreeIPA 4.4 planned for June,
so it may be nice to already upload new strings we have in FreeIPA already to
Zanata, so that they can be translated in sufficient time.


As part of the learning process, I think it would be useful to do more
documentation of the steps taken in every translation life-cycle, current HowTo
in Release page is rather vague. I for example did not find information how to
work with translation versions that I saw defined in Zanata (branching may work
similarly as in current FreeIPA git).

Martin Kosek <mko...@redhat.com>
Manager, Software Engineering - Identity Management Team
Red Hat, Inc.

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