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Dear FreeIPA developers and packagers,

you can find first version of the Build system refactoring design document

If you do not care about implementation details, please be so kind and
scan through chapter

I'm not an FreeIPA packager so I might miss some important thing which needs
to be configurable.

1) There should be a --with-python switch to select the version of Python to
use in our command line tools and/or during build. The default would be
"python", i.e. the default Python interpreter found in the path.

Okay. Can we pick some descriptive name?


I think that it would be confusing if we had just

If the default values are "python", "python2", "python3" respectively, I don't

These need to be full paths. I hope that some autoconf detection logic will
help with autodetection.

think it would be confusing, since most of the time you only need to specify
--with-python, if anything.

Okay, let me be explicit: It *is* confusing for me. Would you be okay with
--with-default-python ?

Do we even need --with-python2 and --with-python3? I think they would only
make sense if you had multiple Python minor versions installed and wanted to
make packages for all of them.

AFAIK autoconf-style is to provide these for options where path to external
binary is needed. I would like to keep these conventions to avoid NIH syndrome
in the new build system.

Also, --without-python2/--without-python3 is needed anyway to disable this
part of build on systems without Python X version. I want to keep this
explicit (as with any other optional part of the build).
Why so complex? Allow --with-python to be specified multiple times and
enable all python versions that resolve through --with-python specified 

 --with-python=/bin/python2 --with-python=/bin/python3

would enable both Python 2 and Python 3. Specifying none will enable
default version found on the system. Specifying one will enable
explicitly only one.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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