>> So you can't upgrade from 1.2 to 1.9 and you can't go from 1.9 to 2.0
>> and you can't go from 2.0 beta-1 to 2.0 beta-2?
>> So why would I want to use a product like that?
> Upgrades will be possible within stable releases.
> Handling upgrades in development versions would cost too much
> development time w/o any real benefit as schema and DIT will be fixed
> in stone once 2.0 final will be released.
> Alpha and Beta release are not meant for production but only for
> testing environments.


I'm part of the same team that is stuck in this situation.  I think you
guys (FreeIPA team) need to make it really clear to current adopters
that they are going to have to start from scratch if they go with the
current v2 releases (1.9, 2.0-beta, etc.) and want to "upgrade" later.

Of course there is no definition of what "beta" means, but really I
think we're your *ideal* beta testers and you should put in some effort
to make it possible for us to use the beta releases of FreeIPA.  We are
a research computing group, so our service level standards are "we can
live with a 24-36 hours of down time M-F every couple of months, and 1
week of down time every year".  We have a handful of real users, want to
integrate apache httpd into using LDAP, want to utilize the web i/f for
account management, use FreeIPA for NFS mounts, "real" X.509
certificates, etc.  Even if an automated/smooth transition between beta
versions or from beta to final release is impossible, then some guidance
on strategies to transition systems "manually" (and a very rough
estimate of the time commitment to do that) would be useful.

I wish I understood LDAP better, but I don't see why we cant just dump
the current FreeIPA LDIF files, tweak the entries as necessary, and
import them to the latest version of FreeIPA.

We're pretty close right now (as in, the next 4-24 hours) of abandoning
FreeIPA, so some encouraging words on this front could make a difference
and keep us with you.


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