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On 02/03/2011 10:29 AM, Ian Stokes-Rees wrote:
>> While I can't comment on the final release schedule for FreeIPA v2, I
>> would like to point you at
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/FreeIPAv2
>> What you should take away from this is that FreeIPA v2 is expected to be
>> feature-complete by the Fedora 15 Feature Freeze date (February 8th) and
>> must be in its final state by March 22nd in order to be released in
>> Fedora 15. So it's probably safe to assume that 2.0 is not "several
>> years" away. I'd say we're looking at weeks, not months or years at this
>> point.
> Thanks for that link.  I see:
>     * Targeted release: Fedora 15
>       <http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/15>
>     * Last updated: 01/12/11
>     * Percentage of completion: 80%
> In a way, I find this even more worrying since it sounds like FreeIPA
> will either be pushed out too early (can schema migration be left out,
> or be implemented but untested?) or will miss Fedora 15 and we won't see
> it until Fedora 16 (end of summer or autumn).

- From the earlier points of the discussion, schema migration is planned
for upgrades from 2.0.0 to future versions. It's only something that was
left out of the alpha/beta process because things were still in churn
and those releases were never intended to be in production. Once 2.0.0
is baked, obviously the upgrade path will need to be clean.

> I don't see how something as fundamental as a directory server can be
> mostly finalized (feature freeze, and bug fix only state) in a few weeks
> when the developers themselves say "we reset our FreeIPA DS from scratch
> every day", suggesting that no one (?) has tested it in an operational
> state with real users and systems for an extended period (at least days,
> but really for weeks or more).  If you think one frustrated group (us)
> right now is annoying, just wait to see what happens if FreeIPA v2.0
> *does* go out with Fedora 15 in a few months and lots of people eagerly
> install it only to discover in the following months that it wasn't ready
> or that they can't upgrade/migrate their DS contents.

Feature freeze means that FreeIPA will not be adding new functionality
after this point (which includes schema changes) and will be focusing
only on stability and bugfixes until final release.

> Ian
> As a postscript, a few weeks ago FreeIPA had 20% left to complete before
> v2.0 was ready.  Even if we are kind and estimate that this last 20%
> will take only 20% of the effort (rather than 80% which we're all
> familiar with is much more common by the 80/20 rule) it would suggest
> that about 2 months are required to complete it.  Does it suggest that
> everything that has ever been done to produce FreeIPA v2.0 has been done
> in the past 10 months (starting March 2010)?  Or has the team working on
> it grown substantially over the past year?

That 80% is the amount of Fedora-related effort, not the upstream
completion effort. It hasn't been updated, but I'd ballpark us at nearly
about 95% now.

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