> Can this wait till next week? If not it would be a real pity. We are
> working hard to deliver the project to research groups like yours and
> we will do our best to help you to migrate your data forward.

We will probably decide what path to take tomorrow.  I'm not sure if
we're prepared to wait, since waiting 1 week will probably only get us
using the new Beta-2, and won't solve any problems for Beta-3 or
official release of 2.0.

> To reduce the scope of the effort let me recap the goal:
> 1) You want to install IPA and load the users (is there anything
> else?) from the previous installation and abandon the old installation

I'm not sure the details of everything that is in FreeIPA, but I think
right now it is at least user information and NFS mounts.  Possible
more.  We have 10-20 accounts, so not much.

> 2) You do not want to loose passwords

I don't really care about this.  We can loose all passwords as far as
I'm concerned.  Peter, the other person who has been on this thread and
the one who has done all the work, may have a different opinion.

> 3) You are Ok with manual procedure
> 4) You are Ok to try different approaches (some of which might not
> work out) and work with us on formulating a procedure that would help
> other deployments like yours to overcome this situation.

Yes, we're OK to try manual procedures and different approaches, *if* we
decide it is worth sticking with FreeIPA.

> Again sorry for all the trouble. If we knew the requirement to be able
> to migrate between betas earlier we might have done some things
> differently.
> Hope to find understanding on your side and willingness to work with
> us on a solution.

How did you expect anyone to seriously try to use FreeIPA if they
couldn't migrate between versions?  Surely installation and extended use
(weeks/months) by non-developers is part of any beta-testing plan.



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