Thank you Natxo. We are working hard to get it there and when we do .. it will awesome!

Natxo Asenjo wrote:
On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 10:02 PM, Ian Stokes-Rees
<> wrote:

How did you expect anyone to seriously try to use FreeIPA if they
couldn't migrate between versions?  Surely installation and extended use
(weeks/months) by non-developers is part of any beta-testing plan.

If you read the release notes (, in
the paragraph 'migration' it is quite clearly stated that migration from
v1 to v2 of freeipa is not possible. You are right that it is not
clearly stated that migrations between 1.9.whatever and 2 are not
possible but ...

... as a sysadmin, whenever I read 'alpha|beta', all alarms go off
:-). I do follow the project, but I would never run any kind of
production on it just yet.

I think that blaming redhat for your using a beta version of software in
production is a bit harsh. I understand you are under stress and upset,
but this was not supposed to be running in a production environment. Do
not blame redhat for something that clearly is not their fault.

This project is going to be awesome for unix networks. All the pieces of
the puzzle were out there, but these guys are putting them together in a
nice package. Having dealt with a share of ldap+kerberos environments, I
can tell you this is it. It is not there yet, but it is getting there.

It is your choice to not use it.


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