There are OSS packages that can be installed into Solaris.....so I dont see why 
freeipa cant be ported....at least the x86 CPU version anyway.  Oracle/Sun may 
not want to do IPA but if you had ever had the mis-fortune to try and use 
Oracle's IdM / OVD /OID you'd understand why few techies/ppl/businesses want 
it.....its bloody awful to install let alone work with or maintain....So its 
turns into a risky endeavour and no one sane wants that much risk in their 
business....let alone the 6 figure costs..........and yes Im talking over a 

Hopefully we are getting away from the silo attitude of vendors.....Vendors 
might want only their products in a customer site, but realistically customers 
dont want that for lots of reasons, and pillaging your wallet is one of the 

In our case all that happens is we wont buy Sun kit if it doesnt work the way 
we want to work....their loss.

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On 05/10/2011 04:10 PM, Steven Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> Its quite interesting that there are no real clients for ipa outside of 
> RH/Fedora....this will probably do more to delay or restrict its adoption 
> than anything else.

Not sure what you are talking about. Any kerberos enabled service is a
service and any pam_krb5/nss_ldap or SSSD enabled system can be a client.
SSSD is in Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, RH
Would be nice to have it in other OSs like Solaris and HP-UX but they
have other plans.

> regards
> Steven

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