I was previously using 2.1.4 and know that there was a substantial
memory leak in the directory server. After upgrading to 2.20, I notice
that although overall memory usage seems higher, the "creep" upwards
is not as quick. Although memory still tends to trend upward leaving
me to worry that dirsrv will crash when it runs out of memory. I've
checked the entrycachehitratio and it is 99. I also then checked the
size of id2entry.db4 and found it to be 1024000. So I then checked
nssldap-cachesize and found it to be 10485760. According to what I've
read on the list, this seems about right. Is there anything else I can
check? This is a pretty small directory, but gets quite a bit of
activity from serving mail configuration in addition to
authentication. However, I can't imagine that it would consume 1.5GB
and keep climbing in memory usage.


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