On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 12:00:22PM -0500, rashard.ke...@sita.aero wrote:
> I was wondering if I need to be concerned about IPA 2 being updated 
> automatically to IPA 3? We have a working IPA 2 environment in place now 
> and wanted to know if IPA needed to be added to an exclude list. We are 
> afraid of breaking our current setup. When IPA 3 is released will yum 
> automatically upgrade it to 3 or will that be something that we have to 
> manually issue?

If you have the old system only receiving z-stream updates, so i.e.
6.3.z for a RHEL6.3 then you will stay on ipa2.

I just tested the upgrade of a populated ipa2/rhel6.3 to rhel6.4 .
Without a 'exclude=ipa*' in yum.conf the ipa is upgraded like all
other packages when the system gets a RHEL6.4 repo configured and
'yum update' is executed.
The release notes do not note any special upgrade procedure, also
for my testsetup the upgrade went without any issues.

Thus all points at that upgrade path is ok, as for all other packages.

cheers, Christian

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