On 11/04/2014 05:21 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Tue, 04 Nov 2014, Roman Naumenko wrote:
You definitely can set up separate instances of 389-ds. Preferably
this should be done on separate hosts than IPA masters because
otherwise you'll have a number of practical issues with different
instances binding to the same LDAP/LDAPS ports and so  on.

Is 389-ds equivalent of RedHat Directory Server
Red Hat Directory Server is what is known as 389 Directory Server
(389-ds) upstream project. Essentially, it is the same code. If you have
specific questions about support of Red Hat Directory Server, I'd
suggest you to ask them Red Hat sales/support people (of which I'm
neither one). ;)

The relationship between 389 and Red Hat Directory Server (RHDS) is roughly the same as the difference between Fedora and Red Hat. 389 is the upstream - it moves fast, goes through versions very quickly, and contains a lot of "bleeding edge" code. RHDS is the downstream - the rate of changes is slower, versions change slowly, and contains very stable code. Periodically, RHDS will rebase to some version of 389. For example, RHEL 6.4 rebased on 389 From that point on (RHEL 6.5, RHEL 6.6) we only backport key features and bug fixes, preferably after they have been well tested and QA'd. RHEL 7.1 will rebase RHDS to some version of 1.3.x branch from 389.

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