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On Tue, 04 Nov 2014, Roman Naumenko wrote:
You definitely can set up separate instances of 389-ds.
this should be done on separate hosts than IPA masters because
otherwise you'll have a number of practical issues with
instances binding to the same LDAP/LDAPS ports and so  on.
Is 389-ds equivalent of RedHat Directory Server

Red Hat Directory Server is what is known as 389 Directory Server
(389-ds) upstream project. Essentially, it is the same code. If
specific questions about support of Red Hat Directory Server, I'd
suggest you to ask them Red Hat sales/support people (of which
neither one). ;)
Not necessarily sales people have to be involved, Centos has the
project :)
I'm pondering what's the difference between Centos and Red Hat
RHDS is the layered product.
It has 389DS package but also some other tools and utilities that
not a part of core RHEL and thus not in CentOS.
However, they are in EPEL - 389-console, 389-admin, etc.
You lost me :)
Am I understand correctly that everything is equal between centos and redhat 
directory servers, but redhat will have more stable code?

No, sorry.  I was talking about 389 upstream vs. RHDS.

As CentOS is just a repackager/rebuilder of RHEL packages, there is no difference between CentOS (CentOS DS) and RHEL (RHDS) once CentOS rebuilds.


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