On 04/29/2015 06:31 PM, Christopher Lamb wrote:
Hi all

@Craig, and using the WebUI for that purpose is much more user friendly
then doing the same via a ssh terminal session.

@Simo, as requested I have opened a ticket on this issue

As this my first Fedora ticket, please forgive me If I didn't do it right

No, you did it perfectly right. Just Petr Vobornik was faster and created a ticket https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5008. This makes your ticket a duplicate, so I had to close it.

But please do not let this hickup stop you, please continue in discussions, tickets, patches - it's useful! :-)



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HI Simo, Dmitiri, Rob and co.

Simos "log in with a different user" suggestion is pretty much what I was
intending. I want to be able to log out of the web ui, then log back in
with a different user. e.g. to allow a newly added user to change their
password to something secret.

On this particular workstation I have no kerberos ticket (double checking
with klist at the terminal confirms this). I have not saved the password in
Firefox (checking in the settings confirms this).

I often have ssh sessons open via terminal to the FreeIPA Server, and even
Apache Directory Studio open to browse the LDAP structure and content. I
don't see how that can play a role, but I mention it for completeness.
Seems that would be a useful option for me too. I normally login as myself
but there are times when someone comes by and wants to change their
password and it's easier if they do it on my system sometimes as the
Kerberos auth prompt confuses them and I can coach them through. Also, I
occasionally need to login as the primary 'admin' user as some of the
options (ahem - Sudo rules on version 3.0.0) are not accessible regardless
of the permissions given.


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