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Usually means there is a replication conflict entry. You may be able to get more details on what failed by looking at the LDAP access log of both LDAP servers, though I guess I'd expect this happened locally
on the IPA box.
Hi again,

I have been trying to follow this procedure for replication conflicts regarding "nsds5ReplConflict", where I had the two account duplicates, but no matter what, I still get:

modifying rdn of entry "nsuniqueid=ffc68a41-86e71c6-71714816-fcf248a0+uid=janelle,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com"
ldap_rename: Constraint violation
additional info: Another entry with the same attribute value already exists (attribute: "uid")

When I am trying to run the modrdn (ldapmodify) command? Which simply refuses to work. I have been at it for over a week now with no luck. I think this is the last of my issues causing my replication problems. What caused this is that I do have multiple helpdesk personnel that had been updating user accounts. This process has been resolved, but we can't seem to remove the last few duplicates.

Any suggestions? Is there a missing step in conflict resolution perhaps?
these entries are already a result of conflict resolution, If you add the same entry simultaneously on two servers (meaning add it on A and add it on B (before B has received the replicated add from A), there exist two entries with the same dn, which is not possible. So conflict resolution does not arbitrarily throw one away, but renames it and leaves it to the admin, which on to keep. So you should have one entry
uid=janelle,... and one nsuniqueid=nnnn+uid=janelle,....
The error you get is coming from 'uid uniqueness'. Like ludwig mention, it exists duplicated entries with both of them 'uid=janelle'. 'uid uniqueness' plugin prevents you to do a direct MODRDN on one of them because, it finds duplicated 'uid=janelle'.
you can delete the nsuniqeid=nnnn entry to get rid of it.

There is a request to hide these nsuniqueid+uid entries from regular searches, it will be in a next release of 389

But everything I try to delete fails. Is there a procedure in 389-DS I can read for this? Maybe I am missing an option in ldapmodify? I am happy to delete, if only it would let me.
hm, it should be straightforwrd:
ldpapmodify -D <user which has permissions to delete> ..
dn: nsuniqueid=ffc68a41-86e71c6-71714816-fcf248a0+uid=janelle,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
changetype: delete

if it fails, what is the error you get ?

This is probably https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/48133
which is fixed in 389-ds-base-


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