On Tue, May 03, 2016 at 09:27:44PM +0000, Hosakote Nagesh, Pawan wrote:
> Our apps are running in a docker image based on Ubuntu 14.04 that cannot be 
> changed to redhat. We want to install freeipa-clietn within this docker so 
> that our app
> Uses freeipa ldap as against default ldap.
> The freeipa-client gets successfully installed in Ubuntu 14.04 plain machine, 
> that why is why I am hoping making it run in a Ubun14.04 docker should also 
> be very much possible.
> As you can see the things get stuck in not starting bus process properly(this 
> problem is not seen in ubuntu on plain machine). I cannot see much debug 
> statements by enabling —debug option in ipa-client-install.
> Its not clear why this process doesn’t get started and what is missing in 
> container as against plain machine which is making this install fail.
> I am on to this issue for 2 full days now. I am pasting whatever debug 
> statements I got during install, here:
> Command
> —————
> ipa-client-install —domain=<ourdoamin> —server= <ourserver> 
> hostname=jupyterhub.com --no-ntp --no-dns-sshfp
> Log (After Error starts to happen)
> —————
> Attached
> My main suspect is dbus service unable to start in this container where it 
> launches on a plain machine.


What steps did you take to make dbus startable in the container? Do
you have the dbus package installed?

Jan Pazdziora
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Identity Management Engineering, Red Hat

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