Martin Basti wrote:

On 03.08.2016 18:38, Brad Cesarone wrote:
Hello All
I'm trying to figure out how the webUI populates the user page. I have
a mix of posix users and non-posix users.
The non-posix users were added using an LDIF and imported fine. I am
able to view them using ipa user-show, ldapsearch, and if I navigate
to them using the user details URL they show up. Groups are also able
to find the non-posix users and verify membership. I am just unable to
use ipa user-find or see them in the users page.

Hello, I'm afraid you may miss an objectclass in imported users.

Can you please run ipa user-find, and provide SRCH filter from
/var/log/dirsrv/slapd-*/access (I hope this is the right path on RHEL6.8)

Then please provide all objectclasses that have a random imported user

Martin is right, it is due to missing objectclass(es).

IPA knows what objectclasses constitute and IPA user and user-find (and therefore the UI) uses those to find all users (in this case posixaccount). So since you have non-POSIX users that's why you don't see them.

user-show on the other hand knows where users live and how to build a user DN which is why that works.


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