On 17/01/17 11:30, Peter Fern wrote:
On 17/01/17 20:39, David Kupka wrote:
in 4.4 we split the plugins to the server and client plugins. Simple
plugins (like server plugin) needs to exist only on server and all
what is needed is to move it from ipalib/plugins to ipaserver/plugins.

But if commands in your plugin define interactive_prompt_callback
(like dns plugin) or forward (like vault plugin) you will need to
split the client and server part of the plugin.

Hi David,

I tried that, but it didn't end well.  My plugin is quite simple, just
adds an attribute to the user model and UI/CLI extensions to manage it.
However it looks like plugin structure has changed (I see @register
decorators(?) and such), and ipalib.user no longer exists.  My old
plugin is available here:


Unfortunately Python is not a language I'm particularly familiar, so
I've not come across some of the patterns used in the new plugins, and
any pointers would be appreciated.



Ok, your plugin is not really a plugin but that should not be a problem.
To make it work:

1) replace "from ipalib.plugins.user import user" with "from ipaserver.plugins.user import user"
2) make sure "user_mailalternateaddress.py" is also in ipaserver/plugins/
3) restart httpd

David Kupka

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