On 17/01/17 12:16, Peter Fern wrote:
On 17/01/17 21:48, David Kupka wrote:
Ok, your plugin is not really a plugin but that should not be a problem.
To make it work:

1) replace "from ipalib.plugins.user import user" with "from
ipaserver.plugins.user import user"
2) make sure "user_mailalternateaddress.py" is also in ipaserver/plugins/
3) restart httpd

Thank you, that gets the web UI working as expected, but I seem to be
missing the CLI switch.

That is probably caused by client API schema cache that was also added in 4.4. Once the schema is downloaded and stored in cache it's validity is not checked for the next hour.
You can either force the check to be performed immediately:

$ ipa -v -e force_schema_check=1 user-add --help

or remove the cache:

$ rm -r ~/.cache/ipa/

You can find more about this feature and related changes on its design page [1]

I'm also adding an objectclass to the default userobjectclasses (and
updating existing users) in my install script, but it looks like maybe I
can use the 'updates' mechanism for this, is that right?  If so, is that
mechanism documented anywhere?

Adding objectclass or generally any attribute to many entries (users tends to be numerous) may take really really long and is not a good idea. It's better to add such objectclass on demand when the attribute is added to the entry for the first time.

But I agree with Alexander, in longer run it would be much better if you create and package proper plugin.

[1] http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/API_Compatiblity

David Kupka

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