On ti, 17 tammi 2017, Peter Fern wrote:
On 17/01/17 21:48, David Kupka wrote:
Ok, your plugin is not really a plugin but that should not be a problem.
To make it work:

1) replace "from ipalib.plugins.user import user" with "from
ipaserver.plugins.user import user"
2) make sure "user_mailalternateaddress.py" is also in ipaserver/plugins/
3) restart httpd

Thank you, that gets the web UI working as expected, but I seem to be
missing the CLI switch.

I'm also adding an objectclass to the default userobjectclasses (and
updating existing users) in my install script, but it looks like maybe I
can use the 'updates' mechanism for this, is that right?  If so, is that
mechanism documented anywhere?
Look at the repository I pointed you to in another email thread.

I'd recommend you to build a proper package (RPM or DEB, depending what
distro we are talking about), move modification to the upgrade plugin
instead. Again, see example in the repo I mentioned. Having non-packaged
content on the package-managed machines is not going to help in longer
term, maintenance-wise.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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