I am trying to create a log that tell me who attempted to login,  
when, where and what the result was.  I have uncommented the auth_log  
line and the reply_log line as well as the detail auth_log and detail  
reply_log sections.  When I start up radius, it appears that both the  
auth_log and reply log are activated as they both appear correctly in  
the instantiated section of the startup process.  When an attempt is  
made to login, the authentication is logged, but the reply is not.   
What am I missing?

I will admit that I am not real comfortable in deciphering the how- 
to's and config files associated with freeradius, but I think that I  
have done what I need to in order to get what I am looking for.


freeradius is being used to authenticate users to wireless access  
points, the ideal log would look something like this:

MAC     time            WAP IP          result

Thanks in advance for any help

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