Grabbed 2.0.0-pre0 from CVS (the latest, I presume) on a RHEL4 system 
with perl 5.8.8.

Running /usr/local/sbin/radiusd -X gives:

radiusd:  entering modules setup
Module: Library search path is /usr/lib
modules: Not loading pre-proxy{} section
modules: Not loading post-proxy{} section
*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08c47478 ***

I found some mention of upgrading perl (default RHEL is 5.8.2, I 
upgraded to 5.8.8) but still get those errors after a clean compile. 
I'm configuring with the following:

./configure \
         --enable-shared --disable-static \
         --with-gnu-ld \
         --with-threads \
         --with-thread-pool \
         --disable-ltdl-install \

Any fix for this?

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