I try to use the Codec2 on the STM32F746 microcontroller. For a start, I took 
files of the codec and collected the project for the PC in the CodeBlocks IDE 
with the compiler GCC.
Coding and decoding of the raw-file took place successfully, the regenerated 
file has high quality.
Then I collected the project in the IAR IDE (for STM32F746-Discovery board) and 
added to it the same files of the codec which I used in the project for the PC. 
Coding and decoding took place successfully, quality of the regenerated file 
seemed a little worse, and if to compare contents of regenerated files, then in 
between there is a difference. Files of 48 kilobyte in size have about 400 
different bytes - checked the special utility which compares files is 
Why between regenerated files (the PC and STM32) the difference is? How it can 
be corrected?
Thanks. Excuse for my English.

Marat Galyamov
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