Hi Merit

you could be looking at the difference in the floating point units 
between the processors- the F7 and the F4 have slightly different versions.

What compiler- linker processor flags have you used -?

If you use the F4 processor flags you may almost certainly get a 
different / wrong result..

In addition to very subtle differences, some of the F7s have double 
precision FPUs instead of single precision FPUs

do you have doubles forced to floats ?

have you a verification method  / check in place to ensure you are not 
blowing/ overwriting  memory somewhere ?


On 17/09/2016 6:38 AM, Marat Galyamov wrote:
> Hello.
> I try to use the Codec2 on the STM32F746 microcontroller. For a start, 
> I took files of the codec and collected the project for the PC in the 
> CodeBlocks IDE with the compiler GCC.
> Coding and decoding of the raw-file took place successfully, the 
> regenerated file has high quality.
> Then I collected the project in the IAR IDE (for STM32F746-Discovery 
> board) and added

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