I have another take on this

As Steve pointed out, there are sections of the code that produce non 
zero, but near zero.
specifically the imag component here and there.

Without looking at it carefully (That is to say, talking out of my arse) 
, I would guess that the imprecision of floating point numbers led to 
there being non zero values where you might get zero with infinite 
precision floating point (conceptually of course) .

Now, the slight bit difference in output  due using zeros, not the non 
zeros (but almost zeros)  is most likely insignificant.
it messes something up (based on assumptions ) and it corrected 
elsewhere inadvertently.


On 17/09/2016 8:18 AM, David Rowe wrote:
> Hello Marat and Steve,
> The problem of comparing two versions of the codec is difficult.  It is
> very easy for a bug to slip in, so we need a good way of comparing.

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