"But corrected implies some sort of coherent controller-controlled separation 
and relation.  "

Maybe instead of a doctor, a talented mechanic that can hone in on faulty 
spring or loose screw that creates a hard to reproduce rattle.   I want the gal 
that has those kind skills fixing my car (or designing one), not some idiot 
that says it is a disaster of a car and I should sue the automaker.    

I claim it is better if an entity that introduces a disruptive technology 
understands exactly why it is better, in a deep technical way, more so than a 
fetish for some shiny object or as a distraction and relief from their own 
ignorance.   Maybe at the end of the day the automaker should be sued.   (Maybe 
the foreign power or non-state actor should be blown to oblivion.  Maybe the 
universal health care plan should be torn to ribbons, etc. )   Or maybe just a 
5 cent spring needs replacement.

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