The Clinton state voters aren’t parasitic, they contribute more to the economy 
and are more productive than the Trump state voters.    See my other post on 
this for the numbers.

This article<> I 
found fairly interesting -- various scholars debate the nature of the Democrat 
vs. Republican “moral sense”.   It seems to me the “fast thinking” is 
consistent with a heavy reliance on moral guidelines, and that deliberative 
thinking involves having less reliance on `collective memory’.  Instead, the 
use of reason and situational ethics.

Haidt argues the dimensions of morality include  fairness/reciprocity, 
harm/care, ingroup/loyalty, authority/respect and purity/sanctity and the broad 
set of features that Republican voters tend to favor.

The others after fairness are mechanisms for maintaining small group integrity 
and strong control systems.  Neoliberals really focus on fairness and the rest 
of the items are deemed redundant (but bleeding heart liberals also bring in 
the `care’ dimension).   To liberals, the others are not essential (and 
potentially disruptive) to a large, growing economy.

Trump’s team did expertly exploit and continue to exploit the latter moral 
dimensions.   The white nationalist stuff, appealing to evangelicals, deporting 
immigrants, the tweet about flag burning, bringing billionaires into the 
administration, and so on.

I like the idea of using the environment as a unifying moral principle for 
folks on the left.  That makes a lot of sense.

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I love it. The Elites are getting hammered. Snobocracy is now so visible that 
it can be attacked for what it really is.
​    ​

​This was also referred to by this:

​I love a good rant! Liberal Elites lost the election. Oh, wait, maybe we *are* 

   -- Owen

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