Well, sure.  But, speaking for myself, I see plenty of snobbish, aloof, and 
patronizing expression in the speech and action of people like Richard Spencer 
and Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin) -- and the intellectuals they tend to fawn 
over.  Hell, Ayn Rand has a huge dose of it, too.  To go even further, hang out 
amongst any elite group for awhile, and you'll notice how they treat "noobs".  
While most domains (e.g. martial arts or programming, say) have a nice dose of 
mentors and teachers, who treat novices earnestly, there's _always_ a large 
contingent of the elite in that domain that treat novices the same way you're 

So what?  Being a novice in any domain is difficult.  But you don't run around 
complaining about how snobbish the elite swimmers are.  You swim!  You improve. 
 Then when you become competitive, you haze the novices just like you were 

Conservatives who yap about "liberal elitism" are just expressing their 
_entitlement_.  They want you to take them seriously even though they haven't 
put in any effort.  They want a trophy just for showing up.

On 12/01/2016 11:12 AM, Eric Charles wrote:
> The style matters. Oddly quite a bit. "Liberal elitism" is snobbish, aloof, 
> and patronizing. Note, it is not the way in which they are "elite", but the 
> "elitism" that rankles the most. Trump's financial-elite bull-in-a-china-shop 
> schtick looks and feels very different, and there are many people who would 
> much rather deal with it. Bill Clinton was a friggin' Rhodes scholar, but 
> connected with everyday Americans, and wasn't, until he sought to get so 
> aggressively dynastic, at risk of the "liberal elite" label. I've not heard 
> it leveled at Carter either. On the other hand, Gore and Kerry reeked of it, 
> and that was part of their problem.
> As the article says towards the end:
> " “High information” people ignore evidence if it conflicts with their 
> preferred narrative /all the time./ And while it may be naïve for voters to 
> believe the promises of Trump and the Brexit campaigners — it has also been 
> profoundly naïve for the cosmopolitan classes to believe that years of forced 
> internationalism and forced political correctness were never going to end 
> with a large scale backlash."


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