On 22/09/16 10:35, Ralf Hemmecke wrote:
Hi Martin,

Because different browsers can render SVG slightly differently I tend
to export to a raster format (PNG) for the web. I think this is as
standards based as I can get.

I have seen that font-related stuff can differ from computer to
computer, but if you have converted your objects to paths (included the
fonts), then I see no reason why different browsers should show the SVG

It's even a w3 standard.


Yes, fonts always seem to be a problem. I must admit that I have not tried this recently. Browser support for these standards seems to be constantly improving so I think I should test it out more frequently and convert objects to paths as you suggest.

So much to do! I tend to find something that works and stick with it.

Lines with arrow heads always used to be a problem (don't know if it still is?). Inkscape allows arrows to be added, but I guess that its not in the standard, Inkscape puts some sort of tag, like a macro, at the start of the file and this builds up each arrow head from smaller components.

Martin B

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