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> On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 2:09 PM, Jaimos Skriletz <
> jaimosskril...@boisestate.edu> wrote:
> > Here is what I have created so far
> >
> > http://fvwmforums.org/fvwm.org/
> >
> > The sources are available on github
> >
> > https://github.com/somiaj/fvwmorg.github.io
> >
> >
> ​Update: ​The site is mostly complete and can probably be used as is. Just
> seeing if there is anything that should be added or removed from the site
> (you can check out the copy on fvwmforums.org for the current site).

Thanks!  It looks really good.  We can remove the Changelog section; people
can look at the release descriptions and/or Git history from now on.
Maintaining this is a doubling of effort for absolutely no reason.

In terms of the FAQ, have you (for now) just copied that from $FVWM.GIT/docs/
?  If so, I can remove that file from the FVWM repo and make the one in
fvwmorg.gh.io the authoritative version (as it should be).  Same goes for
removing other files from the FVWM repo too, but that's a different concern.

> I am working on a 'Config' section for the site to include examples of
> decors, icons, sounds and vector buttons (many adapted from fvwm-themes).
> But this is gonna take a while as I play with the different decors.

Maybe.  It might be easier to just direct people towards things like
Fvwm-{Crystal,Nightshade}.  The icons/sounds/etc., can just be forgotten
about.  They're so old, it's not even funny, and if someone *really* wants
those, shove them on the wiki.
> I also think adding some feature to the buttons on the page would be nice,
> but not sure what sort of silly feature (maybe some js/css magic) would be
> good to add to the site.

Maximizing of the div, perhaps?

> Anyways, those are some ideas but as of now the above links give a
> recreation of fvwm.org using a static site (with some redesigning). Any
> input is appreciated.

Thanks for this, Jaimos.  One question:  how would we handle adding new
screenshots?  There's a script which runs to generate some HTML.  I presume
this is manual at the moment?

You've got a whole bunch of files that shouldn't be committed; will discuss
this with you on IRC if you like, and we've a little bit of work to do with
tidying up, but from what I can tell, this looks more-or-less complete.

Good job!

Thomas Adam

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