On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 11:31 AM, Jason L Tibbitts III <ti...@math.uh.edu>

> >>>>> "JS" == Jaimos Skriletz <jaimosskril...@boisestate.edu> writes:
> JS> So to complete the switch the fvwm.org domain needs to be pointed
> JS> at/redirected to github.io.
> That's easy for me to do, but before I make any changes.....
> JS> I think pointing fvwm.org at github would be preferable as to keep
> JS> the domain name, but I'm unsure of anything that would need to be
> JS> done on github.io end to accept the fvwm.org as a virtual host and
> JS> point it to the correct location.
> Could someone triple check on that?
​Here is the documentation:


​From the DNS end you just need to set up the appropriate A, ANAME, ALIAS
record in the DNS.

>From Git repo end there needs to be a single file CNAME with the contents `
fvwm.org` as a single line in that file added to the fvwmorg.gethub.io
source. I will add this later tonight when I get home (and test it works)
before you need to update the DNS.

So it seems easy enough. Only thing It is not clear about what ip to point
at. I would assume the ip that fvwmorg.gethub.io is pointing at.


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