>>>>> "JS" == Jaimos Skriletz <jaimosskril...@boisestate.edu> writes:

JS> So to complete the switch the fvwm.org domain needs to be pointed
JS> at/redirected to github.io.

That's easy for me to do, but before I make any changes.....

JS> I think pointing fvwm.org at github would be preferable as to keep
JS> the domain name, but I'm unsure of anything that would need to be
JS> done on github.io end to accept the fvwm.org as a virtual host and
JS> point it to the correct location.

Could someone triple check on that?

JS> The other option is have fvwm.org redirect to the above domain name.

I can do that as well.  Just let me know.

 - J<

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