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> On Sat, Apr 02, 2016 at 02:45:22PM -0400, Dan Espen wrote:
> > Jaimos Skriletz <jaimosskril...@boisestate.edu> writes:
> >
> > > Also I am unsure if these various markdown files, FAQ.md, AUTHORS.md,
> > > DEVELOPERS.md, etc should be located and maintained on the webpage or
> > > in $FVWM.GIT source. I think either can work with git.io so it is
> > > probably a matter of preference. But agreed, these markdown files
> > > should all be collected and maintained in a single place.
> >
> > If I recall  correctly, we created Changelog, and AUTHORS  in the source
> > tree because its a recommended part of a GNU source tree.
> > (Similar to INSTALL, README, NEWS.)
> Yes, but not required, thankfully.
​Merged the changes back to the master branch and the webpage is now
available at


So to complete the switch the fvwm.org domain needs to be pointed
at/redirected to github.io.

I think pointing fvwm.org at github would be preferable as to keep the
domain name, but I'm unsure of anything that would need to be done on
github.io end to accept the fvwm.org as a virtual host and point it to the
correct location.

The other option is have fvwm.org redirect to the above domain name.

Thomas may have more info about the details of this.


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