On Mon, 2011-04-25 at 14:23 -0700, Dan Ziegler wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have recently bought an iMac G4 (iLamp) off craigslist-it's the
> original 17" model (800 MHz, SDRAM, 80 GB). When I bought it the girl

> stuck a old 60 GB hard drive in and installed OS X 10.4 and now it
> works fine.
  I have a15 inch iLamp, if you call them that.  I get similar errors in
the hard disk.  I started to replace it, but was intimidated by the
process.  Is the 17 in iLamp easier to replace a hard drive on?  I love
the appearance if these G4 iMacs and would like to get this back into

> But I was wondering why the old drive "failed". It wouldn't even start
> up off the OS X DVD to do a disk check! I took the original "failed"
> hard drive and stuck it in my Linux box, and ran Disk Utility (the
> Gnome app, it's similar to Apple's). Disk checking on "Macintosh HD"
> turned up clean, but the S.M.A.R.T. Status field said, "Drive has a
> few bad sectors." On scanning THAT, it told me the drive is about to
> fail. But I can use all of the files on Linux fine, such as the System
> folder, Users and such. I don't know if the S.M.A.R.T field will cause
> OS X to crash or what.
 From what I can read, SMART is not all that smart.  Particularly, SMART
often fails to notice that drives are failing  But, when it tells you a
drive is failing, then it probably is.  I am guessing the firmware in
the iMac queries SMART, but I don't know.  If there is anything
interesting on that drive, I suggest you copy it off soon.  Linux will
report SMART data, but normally lets you decide whether to proceed or
not.  OSX is more of a hand holding type of OS, so I would not be at all
surprised if OSX just acted on SMART data.

> Also the screen has a number of small scratches in the upper left
> corner. When a light color is displayed underneath them, the screen
> looks dirty. But the pixels themselves are bright and all work. So I
> was wondering, is it possible to buy a screen "top mat" or whatever
> you call it to replace the scratched one? Or remove the scratches.
 I think that front is glass.  Apple says to use only a damp, lint free
cloth.  There is a light tint to the screen and polishing it would
remove it on that spot.  That would be no good.  At least, that is what
I read.  Maybe you should look for a nice 17 inch screen with a dead
motherboard and do a transplant.  

Good luck,

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