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There were two extremely similar models of 800MHz G4, 17" iLamp.

The first one will boot into OS 9.2.  The second one will not.    It's
a bit like the difference between a regular MDD and a FW800 MDD,
except harder to tell apart.

Yours is probably the first model, as it came with an 80GB hard drive,
and the later, OSX only model, came with a 60GB hard drive.   But hard
drives can be changed.

The clear distinguishing characteristic is that the OS 9 booting model
has NVIDIA GeForce4 MX graphics and the OSX only model has NVIDIA
GeForce2 MX graphics.

I had forgotten that the G4 iMacs were updated once before they added USB 2, thanks for the reminder.

According to Mactracker both of the USB 1 17" iMacs use the GeForce4 MX but the earlier one came with 32 MB of VRAM whereas the second one came with 64 MB VRAM.



iMac 20" USB 2 1.25GHz G4 2GB RAM GeForceFX5200 Ultra 64MB VRAM 10.4.11

PB G4 15" HR-DLSD 1.67GHz G4 2GB RAM Radeon 9700 128MB VRAM 10.4.11

Mac Pro Mid-2010 2.8 GHz QC 6 GB RAM Radeon HD 5770 1GB VRAM 10.6.6

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