Hi there,
I have recently bought an iMac G4 (iLamp) off craigslist-it's the
original 17" model (800 MHz, SDRAM, 80 GB). When I bought it the girl
told me, "I think it needs a Software Update." Well, turns out it
needed a lot more than that. I plugged it in, hooked up a Pro keyboard
and mouse, and waited for it to boot. About 45 seconds into the
startup, I got a good old kernel panic. Starting up off my Tiger DVD
resulted in endless spinning of the wheel, with DVD drive activity
slowing up after a while. So I tried starting up OS X on the hard disk
in verbose mode, and it panicked after a handful of IO errors. So I
stuck a old 60 GB hard drive in and installed OS X 10.4 and now it
works fine.

But I was wondering why the old drive "failed". It wouldn't even start
up off the OS X DVD to do a disk check! I took the original "failed"
hard drive and stuck it in my Linux box, and ran Disk Utility (the
Gnome app, it's similar to Apple's). Disk checking on "Macintosh HD"
turned up clean, but the S.M.A.R.T. Status field said, "Drive has a
few bad sectors." On scanning THAT, it told me the drive is about to
fail. But I can use all of the files on Linux fine, such as the System
folder, Users and such. I don't know if the S.M.A.R.T field will cause
OS X to crash or what.

Also the screen has a number of small scratches in the upper left
corner. When a light color is displayed underneath them, the screen
looks dirty. But the pixels themselves are bright and all work. So I
was wondering, is it possible to buy a screen "top mat" or whatever
you call it to replace the scratched one?

Thanks alot,
Dan Ziegler
P.S. The iMac I had been having trouble with has mysteriously fixed
itself (for now). Thanks for your insight!

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