I have a 2003 G4 1.42DP (FW800)

With the exception of a couple of hard drive replacements and a power
supply back in 2011, it's been bomb proof.

The other day though, it started to shutdown on boot (it had been running
for weeks prior to this). I googled and found many references to this but
mostly with a display with a proximity sensor, which I do not have.

I pulled it out of it's cubby and will clean it out, but I'd also like to
replace the battery while it's open.

What's the best place to buy them these days? I used to get them at Radio
Shack but they are no longer around.

Worse case I have a couple of older machines that I suppose I can fire up
and put my drive in to get my data off, but ideally I'd like to get this
going again.

Any thoughts? It just spins on the grey screen for a couple of minutes and
then shuts down. I usually screen share into it so I'm not sure if it was
doing something else prior. It did sound like it booted fully the fist
time. Earlier this week I had it up and running for awhile but it wasn't
connected to the network so that's when I shut it down and this happened.



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