Il giorno 21/02/18 22:20, "diane" ha scritto:

> Any thoughts? It just spins on the grey screen for a couple of minutes and
> then shuts down. 

It's puzzling. 
If it was an hardware problem (e.g. a faulty memory chip), it should give a
warning, like some beeps or power light flashing.
It could be an issue with the power supply, but it doesn't seem likely.

It makes me think about overheating: something gets hotter and hotter, until
it just stops working.
It could be a fan not spinning anymore, or an issue with the CPU (the
thermal paste non connecting anymore, the spring keeping the CPU and
heatsink together is broken...).
A CPU not properly cooled will overheat in a matter of minutes. Hence the
I can't remember if G4s had thermal sensors. I'm now used to Intel iMacs
with lots of sensors.

Did you open the case and check if anything comes loose, or the fans are all


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