Hallo a Sheo\nag 's Eideird

Janice Chan wrote:
>LoisTed Macdonald wrote:
>> Hi Leslie,
>> If you have time, maybe you'd like to attend a Gaelic learners' group
>> Saturday morning right on the University campus. Starting time is 10:00
>> until noon. If you reply in the affirmative I'm sure Janice Chan, one
>> the organizers and a member of this list, would be happy to give you
>> details.
>> Ted
>Bidh tu fŗilte, gu dearbh!
>(You will be welome, indeed!)
>le dýrachd

   I would like very much to come.  Thank you for the invitation.
    But where at the University?  I think I can find the campus, but it's a
    big place.

Leslie Gadallah           www.gadallah.com/~leslie

     Measar an t-amadan glic ma chumas e theanga.
        The fool can pass for wise if he holds his tongue.
                                 --Gaelic proverb

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