LoisTed Macdonald wrote:
>Hai a Leslie a-rithist,

>OK, ma tha, get on the Bloor subway (Eastbound - don't go any further west

    Tapadh leat Eideard.

>Do Calgarians speak Gaelic with a western accent?
     Chan eil fios agam air sin.  Tha am bla\s agam uamhasach dona, siar no
       I don't know about that.  My accent is horrible, western or not.

>Wish I could be there with you.

       I wish you could, also, but perhaps another time.

Sla\n leat
Leslie Gadallah           www.gadallah.com/~leslie

     Measar an t-amadan glic ma chumas e theanga.
        The fool can pass for wise if he holds his tongue.
                                 --Gaelic proverb

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