Now the dialog for Avatar information can be accessed through two
different ways (names can vary because I translated it from my German
(1) menu->accounts->tab personal information->button edit personal details
(2) menu->profile,Avatar->specific account

I would suggest to understand avatar information as part of a particular
account. Therefore it would be easier to use and to understand to drop
path (2) and change path (1) to menu->accounts->tabs with personal
information. This would result in a consistent account dialog with tabs
for account, general, connection, OpenPGP, personal details, work,
about. The button which is required now to be pressed separates the
avatar information from the account which does not make any sense to me
(concept) and requires an additional click by the user (usability).
(note: To drop the upload and fetch button of personal information was
agreed in a discussion on this list before.) What do you think about this?
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