On 10/10/06, Markus Lutzer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Now the dialog for Avatar information can be accessed through two
> different ways (names can vary because I translated it from my German
> installation):
> (1) menu->accounts->tab personal information->button edit personal details
> (2) menu->profile,Avatar->specific account
> I would suggest to understand avatar information as part of a particular
> account. Therefore it would be easier to use and to understand to drop
> path (2) and change path (1) to menu->accounts->tabs with personal
> information.
I don't understand the new path you propose.

also it's clear with way (2) that avatar is account specific. and (2)
is more like a shortcut.

> This would result in a consistent account dialog with tabs
> for account, general, connection, OpenPGP, personal details, work,
> about. The button which is required now to be pressed separates the
> avatar information from the account which does not make any sense to me
> (concept) and requires an additional click by the user (usability).
> (note: To drop the upload and fetch button of personal information was
> agreed in a discussion on this list before.) What do you think about this?
If noone ticketed it, then you should. Ticketing is the way for a
request or bug report not to be forgotten.
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