On 03/21/2016 07:26 PM, Alex Malmyguine wrote:
> Tried sending several files from a Linux Gajim 0.16.5 to a Win7 Gajim 0.16.5. 
> This never worked over the internet, but this time both machines are on the 
> same LAN.
> Gajim connects via XMPP to Ignite OpenFire server with file transfers enabled.
> It took a very long time (1-2 min) for the send file dialogue to appear after 
> dropping the files onto the recipient's roster entry.
> Then it took a very long time with high CPU load for the transfers to start.
> They went from 0 to 100% in reasonable time for their size and link speed and 
> were marked as completed on the sender's machine.
> But the recipient never got the files, they failed with the error message 
> stating that sender cancelled the file transfers.
> What am I doing wrong and is there any troubleshooting that I should follow?

Could you attache the XML logs of the sender and receiver ?
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