On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 11:24 AM, Peter Cock <p.j.a.c...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 6:40 PM, Sanka, Ravi <rsa...@jcvi.org> wrote:
>> I do not think so. Several individual datasets have been deleted (clicked
>> the upper-right X on the history item box) but no History has been
>> permanently deleted.
>> Is there any indication in the database if target dataset or datasets were
>> marked for permanent deletion? In the dataset table, I see fields
>> "deleted", "purged", and "purgable", but nothing that says permanently
>> deleted.
> I would welcome clarification from the Galaxy Team, here and
> on the wiki page which might benefit from a flow diagram?
> https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/Performance/Purge%20Histories%20and%20Datasets
> My assumption is using "permanently delete" in the user interface
> marks an entry as "purgable", and then it will be moved to "purged"
> (and the associated file on disk deleted) by the cleanup scripts -
> but I'm a bit hazy on this any why it takes a while for a user's
> usage figures to change.

Hmm. Right now I've unable (via the web interface) to permanently
delete a history - it stays stuck as "deleted", and thus (presumably)
won't get purged by the clean up scripts.

I've tried:

1. Load problem history
2. Rename the history "DIE DIE" to avoid confusion
3. Top right menu, "Delete permanently"
4. Prompted "Really delete the current history permanently? This
cannot be undone", OK
5. Told "History deleted, a new history is active"
6. Top right menu, "Saved Histories"
7. Click "Advanced Search", status "all"
8. Observe "DIE DIE" history is only "deleted" (while other older
histories are "deleted permanently") (BAD)
9. Run the cleanup scripts,

$ sh scripts/cleanup_datasets/delete_userless_histories.sh
$ sh scripts/cleanup_datasets/purge_histories.sh
$ sh scripts/cleanup_datasets/purge_libraries.sh
$ sh scripts/cleanup_datasets/purge_folders.sh
$ sh scripts/cleanup_datasets/purge_datasets.sh

10. Reload the saved history list, no change.
11. Using the drop down menu, select "Delete Permanently"
12. Prompted "History contents will be removed from disk, this cannot
be undone.  Continue", OK
13. No change to history status (BAD)
14. Tick the check-box, and use the "Delete Permanently" button at the
bottom of the page
15. Prompted "History contents will be removed from disk, this cannot
be undone.  Continue", OK
16. No change to history status (BAD)
17. Run the cleanup scripts, no change.

Note that in my universe_wsgi.ini I have not (yet) set:
allow_user_dataset_purge = True

If this setting is important, then the interface seems confused -
and if quotas are enforced, very frustrating :(

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