Hi Saba and Jens,
":" are not needed, they are optional, see


Maybe it's a problem with the left quotes around Use_Snapshot in the #if line?


Il 2014-03-20 06:26 Keilwagen, Jens ha scritto:
Hi Saba,

there is a syntax error in the line of the "#if". Please add ":" at
the end and report whether the error still occurs.

All the best, Jens

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BETREFF: [galaxy-dev] Running a different command based on selection
in the tool

Hi all,

I am trying to write a tool that based on user criteria will run a
different script.

In the code below, If I select Use_Snapshot, I see the right interface
but somehow galaxy tries to execute the #else part and look for "m"
input parameter. The example I have seen in documentation is using the
script with same name in both if and else and the number of input
arguments is the same as well. Any suggestions/ideas why always #else
part gets executed although right interface appears based on user




 #if $source.source_select=="Use_Snapshot"

 cM-snapshot.sh $input $output


 cM.sh $m $b $ns $w $s $z $output

 #end if



 <conditional name="source">

 <param name="source_select" type="select" label="Specify the input">

 <option value="Use_Snapshot">Use Snapshot</option>

 <option value="Set_Values">Set Values</option>


 <when value="Use_Snapshot">

 <param name="input" type="data" format="dbm" size="100" label="Input

 <sanitizer sanitize="False"/>


 <when value="Set_Values">

 <param name="m" label="Omega_m h^2" type="float" value="0.1279"
min="0.120" max="0.155"/>

 <param name="b" label="Omega_b h^2" type="float" value="0.0232"
min="0.0215" max="0.0235"/>

 <param name="ns" label="n_s" type="float" value="0.8629" min="0.85"

 <param name="w" label="w" type="float" value="-1.184" min="-1.30"

 <param name="s" label="sigma_8" type="float" value="0.6159"
min="0.61" max="0.9"/>

 <param name="z" label="z" type="float" value="1.0" min="0.0"

 <sanitizer sanitize="False"/>




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