Dear Peter

Thanks for your reply.

I can import an html report (e.g. FastQC output) successfully into a new 
history from a data library. But the .dat file for the html is not empty 
like the one for the blastdb. Makes me think that I could do this with a 
blast db as well, if only it would not check for size 0 at the time of 
importing it.


On 23/07/14 10:56, Peter Cock wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 10:47 AM, Ulf Schaefer <> 
> wrote:
>> Dear all
>> I have several smallish BLAST databases that I would like to provide in
>> a data library. I create them in a history with the makeblastdb tool and
>> them try to add them to the library. I see that for each blast db there
>> is an empty file created (like /path/dataset_12345.dat) and a folder
>> with the same name (/path/dataset_12345_files/) that contains the actual
>> db files (blastdb.n*).
>> In my library the blastdb shows up empty and I cannot import it back to
>> another history. I does not seem to be aware of the _files folder,
>> despite it being the right data type (blastdbn).
>> Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
>> Thanks a lot for your help
>> Ulf
> Hi Ulf,
> I've never tried that. It could be a bug in Galaxy importing
> composite datatypes into a library, or something in the BLAST
> database definition which needs fixing. Does importing an
> HTML report (with child files like images) into a library work
> for you? (This is another composite datatype so a useful
> comparison).
> Rather than using Data Libraries, we just list all the locally
> installed shared BLAST databases via the BLAST *.loc
> files instead.
> Note using the *.loc files makes the databases available to
> all the Galaxy users, while with a Data Library you can
> control access to specific groups/roles.
> Regards,
> Peter

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