Dear Nate, dear Peter

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I can import both HTML and blastdb from a history to a data library. If 
I try to get the data out of the library into anothre history, I am 
successful for the html but not for the blastdb. The problem seems to be 
that the primary data file (the /path/dataset_12345.dat) is empty for 
the blastdb, while the html primary file has something in it.

When I try to import the blastdb (from library to history) there is a 
message along the lines of "can't import empty file". I hypothesise 
(admittedly without having looked at a line of code) that there is a 
test for file size 0 somewhere that is either altogether unnecessary or, 
more likely, does not take into account that for composite datatypes it 
might be completely legitimate for the primary file to be empty.

Or is my primary blastdb file not supposed to be empty in the first 
place? I can blast against it just fine.

Thanks a lot for your help

On 24/07/14 15:02, Peter Cock wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Nate Coraor <> wrote:
>> On Jul 23, 2014, at 6:42 AM, Peter Cock <> wrote:
>>> Interesting hypothesis - you may well be right.
>>> Galaxy guys - who is the expert to talk to on this and/or where
>>> in the code should we be looking?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Peter
>> I think there's a bit of a mixup here - Peter, I believe you were asking
>> if other composite types with an html primary dataset could be imported
>> from the history to library, but Ulf, your test was the other direction
>> (library->history). I'd be interested in knowing the outcome of the
>> history->library test as well.
> Good catch - yes, that was what I was asking about. Ulf?
>> I am woefully ignorant about the blastdbn datatype. Is the primary
>> file supposed to be html type but empty?
> The BLAST databases are 'basic' composite datatypes, of which
> the most commonly used example is HTML (and some bits of
> the base class code code seem to assume HTML). This means
> testing if something works with HTML is a good first step.
> Peter

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