On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 11:53 PM, Dooley, Damion <damion.doo...@bccdc.ca> wrote:
> Helop aI've been testing (using planemo) some tools scheduled for toolshed 
> publication.  My first test works, but Galaxy reports that the second one 
> fails with:
> "Parameter %s requires a value, but has no legal values defined" % self.name
> AssertionError: Parameter filter_column requires a value, but has no legal 
> values defined
> requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool: DEBUG: "POST /api/tools HTTP/1.1" 
> 500 None

You didn't say if it was test one, or test two which gave this error.

Test two appears to use a single repeat block, with the values
given. It uses the "old style" ambiguous syntax which only
really worked with a single repeat entry. So that ought to be OK.

Test two is not trying to use a repeat block (i.e. zero repeats).
I think this is the one that fails as the test framework may be
wrongly assuming one repeat? That is my guess anyway.

What I suggest you try is the "new style" explicit repeat
parameter naming using pipes. e.g.


It looks like the wiki hasn't got an example of this yet,

John Chilton can probably advise, and/or point us at some
of the Galaxy functional-tests where he would have made
some pathological examples. Tests using zero repeats
ought to be possible...

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