On Aug 3, 2011, at 12:49 AM, Addwebi, Tarek wrote:

> Hi Dear
> Is there anybody whom I can share my data with? I have an important question 
> that I tried to answer, but I could not.  Please see the attachment first, 
> and let us see the first read in the first row. I need to know how many times 
> I have this read in the whole data. Do I have to count all reads manually to 
> know the number of this read? It would take a long time to count 11 million 
> reads. Thank you
The read name information seems not to be in the file.
If you want a histogram of the read counts you could Count (Statistics) of the 
5. column.
If vou want a histogram of the mapped positions you could Count (Statistics) on 
the first 4 columns.

Afterwards you can graph it as a histogram (Graph/Display Data)

A subject line would also be helpful in the future.

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